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Ever since I was a kid I have had a passion for design, history, and business. When I was in elementary school I had a subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine and started my first graphic design business using the family computer, dot matrix printer, and a stock clip art program.

Now I make cool stuff inspired by old stuff.

I love the hand painted signs on the sides of barns and the look that comes from being battered and weathered for over a hundred years. I love the signs and advertisements painted on the sides of buildings off main street in downtown USA of business that haven't been around for decades, but somehow the signs survive. The hand painted garage sale sign your Grandpa made instead of buying some plastic junk from the store.

I love that stuff. 

That old stuff you see with such great design and you think, man thats looks really sharp.  I wish things still looked like that. Old airplane tickets, labels on machinery, or even war ration cards.

I want to create that sort of thing for you and your home. 

I want to create something that reminds you of days gone by and invokes a sense of appreciation for the hardworking people who inspired these designs.

While the above still stands true, over time I have realized that the other part of what I want to do with this business is create my own goods and designs that one day might be the cool old stuff that inspires somebody else to remember and embrace designs of the past.